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Thank you for visiting my website and welcome to my historical world.

I love the romance and elegance of Regency and Georgian England and this is what I hope to recreate in my work. It has always been easy for me to write in these periods and it has often been joked that I was born in the wrong century as my writing voice is of the time.

Romance itself has changed very little over the years but one must observe the mores of the day. To me, it’s wrong to transpose the morals of today’s world onto earlier eras and the romance is in the characters and situations I create. I don’t write to a formula but there is humour and pathos and sometimes heart-rending situations, but always there is love and a happy ending.

If I succeed in bringing these eras alive in my readers imagination and, even for only a moment, transport them into this wonderful time in history, then I am delighted to share my historical world with them.

Here, on my website, you will find detail of all my current releases plus short excerpts and reviews. The books are available as both e-book and paperback and there are a limited number of paperbacks available from my bookshop. All books can be purchased in the UK, USA and other countries through Amazon and Barnes and Noble etc..

Hazel Statham
Writer Of Historical Romantic Fiction

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